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Makenzie Bailey

“My goal as a Midwife is to facilitate informed medical decisions to promote physiologic, safe, inclusive, and compassionate care with every patient that I care for. I believe that my patients are in control of their care and I strive to find every way that I can to support them. ”

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A Bit About Makenzie

Kenzie is a dedicated healthcare professional whose journey led her to a Master of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University in December 2023, following a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Southern Utah University. With a diverse background as a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery, Hospice, and Correctional Nursing, Kenzie brings a unique experience and passion to her role.

Kenzie did the majority of her midwifery training with our team, refining her expertise in labor and birth. Her commitment to her patients is fueled by a desire to empower women to advocate for their care, guiding them through making informed decisions on their healthcare journey.

Kenzie's philosophy on midwifery is rooted in the belief that pregnancy is a natural and normal process. She places a strong emphasis on building genuine connections with patients, recognizing it as fundamental to a fulfilling birth experience. Her supportive approach encourages women to take control of their health.

Beyond her career, Kenzie finds joy in exploring the outdoors, especially through hiking. She enjoys watercolor painting and scuba diving. Kenzie loves to spend time with her husband and her dog Cedar, a French Brittany Spaniel. Kenzie would love to do a medical service trip one day to provide midwifery services to those in need.


2021 –2023      Georgetown University,

                         MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING


  • Women's Health Nurse Practitioner – Certified Nurse Midwife

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